John Flynn

Crafter of Things

  • Shopify
  • Craft
  • WordPress

A Little About Me

Hi, I’m John, a friendly web developer from New England. I create bespoke, performant, and easy to administer informational and eCommerce websites. I have over seven years experience crafting well thought out front-ends and custom CMS implementations. I pride myself on being clear and concise in both the product I produce as well as my communications.

When I’m not working, you’ll often find me with a mug of tea and a good book. But if I’m not there, check the nearest mountain.

Most My Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • BEM + ITCSS Methodologies
  • Javascript
  • Vue
  • GraphQL
  • PHP
  • WordPress Development
  • Shopify Theme Development
  • Craft CMS Development
  • Hubspot Development
  • Agency DevOps
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Accessibility Best Practices
  • Build Tools
  • Git
  • Photoshop, XD, & Sketch
  • Something I forgot...

What Do I Do?


I’ve been building with Shopify since 2014 and have touched a lot of different parts of the platform. Creating custom themes, migrating content from other eCommerce providers (sometimes painfully), modifying existing themes, and helping owners with their shop setup. It’s an intuitive and powerful platform that’s a lot of fun to build on top of.

Craft CMS

Craft is my go-to platform when starting most sites. I’ve been working with it for several years now, and I love its unopinionated ease of development. I’ve used a lot of the platform, including some custom module development. Craft has some great tools to help with performance, which I take advantage of whenever possible. On a typical build, my role usually involves building out the front-end of the site, setting up the content management structure, and hooking everything into the templates.


I’ve worked with WordPress for my whole career. I’ve run the gamut of development work with the platform. From creating custom themes and plugins, to WooCommerce implementations, I’ve seen and done a lot. I approach building with the platform in a modern and extensible manner. I’ve created my own starter theme on top of Timber and Twig to help make builds faster and more manageable.

Some of My Work

Shopify Miscellaneous WordPress
Shoka theme


When Shopify released Slate – a theme development kit – I was eager to try it out. Shoka is a Shopify theme I built to get familiar with Slate. It’s design is cobbled together from some pieces of other themes that I like, plus my own take on some common eCommerce design patterns.
Decas farms

Decas Farms

Decas Farms is a national consumer cranberry producer located in Massachusetts. I created a custom Shopify theme from designs by Catchfire Creative. The site utilizes custom fields to build on the data structure offered out-of-the-box by Shopify and makes updating unique product and recipe data easy for the site administrators.
Ski homepage

Ski Homepage

A design by my friend for a project we worked on that ended up not being used. Even though the design ended up going a different direction, I really liked this version and wanted to make it anyway

This Site!

I built the very site you’re reading (shocking!). It was my first opportunity to try out Craft CMS, which is something I had my eyes on while working with WordPress. I really liked the content agnostic” approach the CMS took and was pretty quick to get on the bandwagon. Now I reach for Craft first for most sites.

Halt Starter Theme

I wanted a base to start WordPress projects from that was specific to my mind and methods; so I built one! It incorporates Timber + Twig and tries to impose some order and modern PHP best practices. It also uses composer for dependency management and Webpack via Laravel Mix for build tasks.
Esplanade travel

Esplanade Travel

Esplanade Travel is a Boston-based luxury travel firm. They had an existing site that was build on an out-of-date CMS that was more than a little haggard. I took the existing design and migrated the whole thing over to WordPress. In addition, I added a new blog and staff bio pages that make use of a custom content builder system. The site makes heavy use of post-to-post relationships and I worked to make the administration of the site as easy and intuitive as possible.
Drews organics

Drew's Organics

I worked with Catchfire Creative to create a WordPress theme for this national salad dressing and salsa brand. We worked to create a better flow for users to find information on Drew’s Organics products. My favorite part to built was the automatic linking of recipes to products.
Catchfire creative

Catchfire Creative

Company site of the agency I worked for. Built on top of my Halt Starter Theme. Animations are managed with Greensock. It utilizes a modular page section system for building out case studies. A really fun feature to build were the blog posts which are pulled in via AJAX and displayed with handlebars.js.

Looking to get in touch?

Drop me a line at: john at